Almond Tree Wellness Spa

Feel welcome into a place where your wellbeing is our main purpose. A place where you can relax, rest and find yourself away from the daily noise.

We have created a complete range of treatments combining the natural Algarve elements of the Sun, the Sea, the Orange and the Almond, which will provide you with truly unforgettable wellbeing experiences. The ritual of an aromatherapy treatment, at home or in a spa, is as important as the effect of the essential oils themselves. We encourage people to create their own rituals, taking a moment away from the stresses of daily life to gain the full benefits of aromatherapy to soothe and calm the mind, bring the emotions into balance and ease strains, tension and blockages in the body.

Immerse yourself in a deep relaxation sense. Enjoy a beautiful swimming pool and vitality pool while looking into an amazing mural from the Brazilian artist Poty Lazzarotto produce in 1981. Unique to Vilamoura, the Almond Tree Wellness Spa is the perfect indulgent escape. It is a harmonious and quite place where you can enjoy the truly spa experience.